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Saturday, 4 July 2015

D. A. Harisiadis Photographic Exhibition, Rizareio Exhibition Centre, Monodendri, Zagori

At the opening of an outstanding new exhibition in Monodendri. I was deeply impressed, and will return again and again. We were fortunate to be given an informative tour by Takis Anagnostpoulos.
Highly recommended - not to be missed.

Greece, Literature: Two Authors Meet in the Mountains of Epirus

An Exchange of Books: Maria Strani-Potts and Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas
Maria with Linda's book, "The Nifi", about life in an Epirot village (Margariti): 
 Linda with Maria's novel, "The Cat of Portivecchio, Corfu Tales". set in Corfu in the 1950s

Nick and Linda
A wonderful visit, which included a walk down to the Misios Bridge, Vikos Gorge.

Kalpaki, Eve of the Greek Referendum

Poster close to the Bank of Piraeus ATM, Kalpaki, Epirus.

I waited in turn to try my luck at the ATM this morning.

I was lucky. I used a foreign Visa card.

Some of the Greeks were not so lucky, they couldn't even get 60 Euros.

Some were desperate. They left with nothing.

I am not sure that they were influenced by the poster.

Greece: How Foreign Cartoonists Portray the Referendum

From Antikleidi - Πως βλέπουν οι ξένοι γελοιογράφοι το δημοψήφισμα

(I can no longer see the funny side).

A more sombre assessment from Spiegel online

Another assessment - of the leadership of the politicians

Friday, 3 July 2015

British Museum Exhibition: Indigenous Australia: enduring civilisation; Lecture/Panel Discussion on Collecting Indigenous Australian Art

Exhibition ends August 2nd. 

Today: Lecture - Collecting Indigenous Australian art

Friday 3 July,
BP Lecture Theatre

"Renowned dealer in Australian art Rebecca Hossack chairs a panel discussion considering contemporary Indigenous Australian art and collecting, exploring the position of this work in the broader contemporary art market with its related constraints and possibilities.

The panel includes Arjmand Aziz, lecturer in Asian and Tribal Arts at SOAS, University of London, and Dennis Scholl, esteemed collector of Indigenous Australian paintings and founding chair of the Tate American Acquisition Committee".

Dolphins, West Dorset; Bridport

From Dorset Echo, with video