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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Two Mediterranean Island Poems by John Fuller; Rhodes; Corsica; Edward Lear

Peasant woman: Rhodes (Poetry Magazine, December 1961)

Edward Lear in Corsica (New Selected Poems: 1983-2008)

Two excerpts

"I shall draw every day what's before me.
My spirit will put up a fight.
Not a thing on this island could bore me.
I shall map the behaviour of light...

And then, when the starlight is silent
Above the still murmurous sea,
I shall know I belong to this island
And this island belongs to me."

About John Fuller

More, with bibliography


In my chapter in "Tourism, Travel and Identity", I write about the word peasant (and the 'tourist gaze', in relation to the island of Corfu):

'It is worth asking when the word "peasant" starts to drop out of the twentieth- century tourist, travel and foreign residence literature.'

Monday, 24 August 2015

Poetry Atlas: Poems about Dorset and Somerset; Greece and other parts of the world

A useful website to explore. Some examples:

Poems about Dorset

Poems about Somerset

Poems about Greece

From the home page: Poems About Places

"Everywhere on earth has a poem written about it. Poetry Atlas has set out to map the world in poetry. We collect and map any poem about a place, whether by great poets, or by you. So please send in any poem you know - or have written - about a place. All poems welcome." 

Dismaland; Weston-super-Mare; Banksy; Bristol; Richard Long

The Happiest Place on Earth (official video)

The dismal website

When we lived in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, we sometimes used to go to Weston-super-Mare for day-trips and swimming during the summer holidays.

Once, when my father wasn't looking, I rolled off the lilo and nearly drowned (someone fished me out). Perhaps it happened in Pentewan? Tell Bansky it was in Weston-super-Mare. I think I'll go back for some recovered-memory therapy (repressed menory?) - after the show closes.

Dystopian playground (video)

John Beteman's Weston-super-Mare

John Cleese

A ploy?

Ticket frustration

Ticket and queue misery

Bristol walking tour as an alternative.

Bansky was born in Bristol in 1974.

If you can't get a ticket for Dismaland, take a look at the website of Richard Long (born in Bristol, 1945).


Robert Southey on Westbury-on-Trym:

"It is at Westbury, a village two miles from Bristol, in the pleasantest part of this country. there is a tolerable garden behind the house, in which excepting some half dozen rose bushes, every thing is calculated for use. the view over the garden is very beautiful, a fertile & woody vale, bounded on each side by hills, & terminated by a range of hills ten miles distant. the most interesting parts of the country are near at hand, & ten minutes walk would convey me to one of the most beautiful glens I ever saw". Robert Southey to John May, 8 July 1798